Ethics Discussions at PEA Soup: John Gardner and François Tanguay-Renaud’s “Desert and Avoidability in Self-Defense” and Jeff McMahan’s “Response,” with commentary by Victor Tadros

(Moving to the front from Dec. 10)

We are pleased to announce the next installment in our collaboration with Ethics, where we host a discussion of one article from each issue of the journal, and the journal makes a copy of that article freely accessible (for a limited time) to our participants. 

Because the current issue (Volume 122, issue 1) features a symposium on Jeff McMahan's Killing in War, this time around we are focusing on two articles, John Gardner and François Tanguay-Renaud's "Desert and Avoidability in Self-Defense" and McMahan's reply.  Ethics has generously agreed to provide open access to both articles, which are now available here.  We are also pleased that our own Victor Tadros will provide a précis of the article to kick off the discussion.  Professor Tadros'  précis will appear, and discussion of the article will begin, Wednesday, January 4, 2012.