Upcoming Discussion, starting May 2: “The Moral Neglect of Negligence” by Seana Valentine Shiffrin, with a critical précis by Ekow Yankah

Reminder and update: Starting May 2 (note the date change from the week of April 23), we are excited to host a discussion of Seana Valentine Shiffrin‘s article “The Moral Neglect of Neglicence,” Ch. 8 of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy Vol.3. Shiffrin’s article is available here, with kind permission from OUP. We expect the article to be available here permanently.

We are thrilled to kick off the discussion with a critical précis by Ekow Yankah. We expect to have an excellent discussion, joined by e.g. Matt King, Claire Finkelstein, Stephen Sverdlik, and Scott Hershovitz.

The format of the discussion will be as follows: The discussion thread will be open May 2-3 for an initial round of questions and comments, after which Shiffrin will post a set of responses, probably by May 6 or 7. The discussion thread will then immediately open for another couple of days, after which Shiffrin will send a final round of responses.

We hope you’ll plan to join the discussion!