Upcoming NDPR Forums and New Review Forum Editors

I just wanted to let you know of several upcoming NDPR Forums on the Soup. On Wednesday, July 18, we will host a discussion of Benjamin Kiesewetter’s book The Normativity of Rationality (OUP 2017) and its recent review in NDPR by Alex Worsnip. On July 23, we will host a discussion of Nicolas Bommarito’s book Inner Virtue (OUP 2017) and its NDPR review by Brad Cokelet. Finally, in early August, we will host a discussion of Joseph Millum’s book The Moral Foundations of Parenthood (OUP 2018) and its NDPR review by Liezl van Zyl. So make sure to keep up with the hot and tasty happenings on Summer Soup!

While I’m here, let me also welcome Sukaina Hirji and Daniel Wodak to the Soup as our new Review Liaisons. They will be taking up the reins in handling both the NDPR Review Forums and our recently-begun Ethics Review Forums. So welcome to them both!