Call for Posts: PEA Soup’s “The Pebble”

We at PEA Soup are calling for short pieces (max 2000 words) of public philosophy for the new segment of our blog, The Pebble. Posts submitted should be accessibly written by philosophers and grapple with topics of broad, public concern in the area of politics, ethics, and academia.

  • What Makes For A Good Submission?

 Good submissions of posts for consideration at The Pebble are short (max. 2000 words) original, well-written, rigorous, accessible, and often involve authors either (i) presenting or (ii) persuasively arguing for or against some philosophically substantive, interesting claim that appeals to a wider audience. Submissions can involve (but are not limited to) the application of philosophical arguments or topics to new areas or situations, the  reconstruction and evaluation of arguments made in popular, public forms—newspapers, blogs, social media, etc.

Authors should bear in mind their audience. While the readership PEA Soup in general skewers towards academic philosophers, pieces should be written with a more general audience in mind. This means that good submissions should be clearly written (e.g., free of unnecessary jargon, formalism, wordiness, etc.), have a clear structure, etc.

  • Submission Formatting

 Authors submissions should be complete drafts—not merely pitches or extended abstracts. Successful submissions will employ standard academic formatting (1-inch margins, 12 point serif font, double-spaced, etc.). Any and all citations should use the Chicago Manual of Style author-date method. These submissions should be sent via e-mailed as word document attachments. Also, the e-mail’s body should contain a brief (100-300 word) word summary. The e-mail should, moreover, have a discernible subject line. The subject line “Pebble Submission” is a good example. Finally, all submissions must include a current, short biographical blurb of the authors current (or most recent) institutional affiliations.

  • The Submission & Review Process

 Submissions are to be sent to with an informative subject line. Authors will be notified of successful submissions via e-mail. The submission and review process are unlike those of academic journals or online publications; authors should not expect substantive feedback from anonymous referees, deadlines for submissions, contracts to sign, or monetary compensation. Submissions are accepted or rejected based on considerations such as the philosophical quality of the piece, the quality of the writing, the timeliness of the piece, the scope of the submission’s interest, etc.

Due to the large number of submissions and the number of moderators for The Pebble, it may not always be possible for successful submissions to immediately be posted.

  • Commenting Policy For Authors/Commenters

 For commenters: All submissions to The Pebble will be subject to the general Soup policy against anonymous or pseudonymous comments. Commenters are requested to include their full, real names or their comments will be subject to deletion, at least without special pleading.

For authors: authors of all successful posts to The Pebble are expected to engage with commenters on their piece in a timely fashion. This is because The Pebble is not a forum to simply state of one’s views. Rather it is a place to post, defend, and refine one’s views given lively interaction between poster and commenters. Authors unwilling or unable to substantively engage with comments on their post may find that their post is better suited for posting elsewhere.