Advice for Graduate Students (both prospective and actual).

I’m trying to create a list of the best sources currently available that provide advice to grad students (both prospective and actual). Here is what I have found so far. If you are aware of other useful sources, please add it under comments. Also if you think some of the currently assembles sources are not great, you might say that too.

Tips for applying to graduate school (Alex Guerrero):

Should you pursue graduate study? (Rutgers Philosophy):

Advice About Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Philosophy (University of Mississippi Philosophy):

Graduate School Advice for Philosophy Majors (Humboldt Philosophy Dept):

Applying to PhD Programs in Philosophy, Part 1: Should you apply and where (Eric Schwitzgebel):

How to be an awesome first year grad student (Eric Schwitzgebel):

12 Tips for Success in Philosophy Graduate School (Liz Jackson):

Advice for the philosophy job market (Dan Korman):

A safe and supportive forum for early-career philosophers:

Maintaining Sense of Confidence and Self-Worth in the Face of Failure and Rejection (Lisa Miracchi):

Self-Compassionate Writing Exercises (Lisa Miracchi):

Advice for Succeeding in Graduate School (Stanford Philosophy):

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